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How we got started

    Magnolia Fields was a collaborative effort. In the spring of 2019, the council of Zachary’s historic district were on the lookout for a revitalization of the historic district. Someone recommended Danny and Skye Willis, parents of six, and entrepreneurs, who lived in St. Francisville, Louisiana. They jumped on the vision and took it to another level.

    With Danny ,and his corporate background , and Skye, a restauranteur, event coordinator and decorator, an event venue was a natural fit. Danny's sister, Denise Ortego, quickly became excited about the vision and came on board as a partner. Denise has an extensive resume', with her most recent endeavor being general manager of a large assisted living complex. Denise brings


an incredible level of hospitality and care to every detail.

    The Fields House was built in 1898. The Willis family used their creativity and extensive knowledge of house restorations to transform this Queen Anne Victorian home. It was important to keep all original historic architectural features while transforming it into a modern day venue.

Their renovation vision was a success. The venue has a dreamy classic feel that lends itself to almost any type of event.


Family Owned and Operated

Magnolia Fields is a family owned and operated venue- 

    With this comes many perks, like extremely personalized care and event planning and a level of fluidity. We care personally about your event and making your dream become a reality. We do not book more than one event at the same time. You can talk with us about having a totally out of the box custom event that is not already a rigid "package". We pour our heart and soul into this business.

    BUT, we are not a corporate establishment. There is only one Skye (Mother of Six, Owner of Magnolia Fields, and Event Planner Extraordinaire) and one Lexi (Daughter of Skye & Danny, Mother of Two, Musician, Graphic Designer, and Hands-on Booking Director). We do have some incredible staff

members and we are growing our staff, but please understand, with all of this customized care, there is not someone sitting in an office answering calls and emails all day, because those people are out working hard to design and gather everything needed to make each event perfect. We do our best to get back with you in a timely manner, and we promise that we will give our all to make your event magical, and help you execute your vision.

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